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21 Day Fix: Ready, Set, Go!

I started the 21 Day Fix on Friday. Well, I guess I haven’t technically started yet because I’ve only started the eating plan, not the workouts. Those begin tomorrow…

I’m two and a half days in and I really LIKE it. The color coded portion containers are great and take the guesswork out of what and how much I need to eat.

Here’s what a day of eating looks like for me on this plan.images-2

3 green containers (veggies)
2 purple containers (fruits)
4 red containers (protein)
2 yellow containers (carbs)
1 blue container (healthy fats and cheese)
1 orange container (oils and seeds)

I’ve discovered that I have a hard time getting all my protein in. And I’ve realized how very skewed my carb portions have been, which might explain the weight gain I’ve had since the first of the year. Other than that it’s going well and I can’t wait to start the workouts tomorrow.

I’m hoping to post some of my dinner recipes this week and their 21 Day Fix container equivalents so stay tuned! You can read more about the 21 Day Fix here.

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