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3 Day Refresh Results

3 day refresh results

What is the 3 Day Refresh?
It’s a program designed to help you make a clean break from bad eating habits, jump-start a healthier lifestyle, and see real weight loss in three days without starving yourself. For three days you follow a program of 3 shakes a day, a fiber drink, plenty of filtered water, fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats throughout the day to help keep your energy and metabolism going.

What the 3 Day Refresh isn’t:
It’s not an all liquid or starvation diet. While it is low in calories (around 900/day) you nourish your body properly with protein (shakes), fiber, and REAL FOOD in the form of veggies, fruits, and healthy fat.

Here’s a peek at the daily schedule:
1. Wake Up: Drink 8-12 oz of water to “wake up” your organs and get your body going.
2. Breakfast: Shakeology + 1 serving fresh fruit
3. Mid-Morning: Fiber Sweep digestive health drink
4. Lunch: Vanilla Fresh shake + 1 serving fresh fruit + 1 serving fresh veggies + 1 healthy fat
5. Afternoon: 1 serving fresh veggie + 1 healthy fat
6. Dinner: Vanilla Fresh shake + 1 dinner recipe (recipes included in program guide)
Optional in AM/PM is herbal or green tea

3 Day Refresh Dinner Meals

All dinner recipes come in the 3 Day Refresh Guide. Each one is basically a mix of veggies plus some healthy fat. All of my dinners were very filling, delicious, and very easy to prepare.


What is Fiber Sweep?
It is a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers that you mix with water. It is designed to help gently eliminate waste from your system and support a healthy intestinal flora. It has a light, lemony taste to it and has a weird texture. The fiber causes it to thicken once you mix it so drink it fast. I recommend mixing it with icy cold water!

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My best tip for Fiber Sweep? Mix it in ice cold water and drink it very quickly before it thickens.


What is Vanilla Fresh?
It’s a high-protein shake (20 grams of plan protein with 22 essential vitamins/minerals + probiotics). It’s all-natural–no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. It’s designed to deliver essential nutrition to your body while keeping your body feeling full and satisfied . It uses potato protein extract to help curb hunger. I thought it tasted pretty good. It’s light and almost smells like cake batter. Seriously. I found it to be very filling. You mix it with water and at lunch you can add your fruit to it. One day I mixed mine with a small peach. YUM!

My 3 Day Refresh results:
I lost 4.5lbs in three days + 2 inches from my waist. I know it’s going to sound cheesy, but I really do feel “refreshed”.

My reason for doing the 3 Day Refresh:
My reason for doing the 3 Day Refresh was two-fold:

1. I wanted to get back on track with my eating. I know that when I eat gluten, sugar, and dairy, I don’t feel good. But sometimes I just want what I want and so I eat it. In my case, I’ve been eating pretty much what I’ve wanted all summer long. As a result, I’ve felt sluggish, tired, bloated, and my cravings have increased…which just creates a vicious cycle of cravings, bad eating, bloat/sluggishness/tiredness, then cravings all over again. I simply wanted to regain control of my nutrition.

2. I wanted to experience this program so I could coach people through it. I’ve had a few people purchase the 3 Day Refresh and I didn’t have any idea of how to help them during their three days. I wanted the first-hand knowledge of what to expect.

Weight loss wasn’t really my goal; I’m happy with my weight. However, I knew I’d probably lose a few pounds and while I wasn’t expecting 4.5lbs I definitely feel the difference and feel like most of that weight was the bloat around my mid-section. I also feel like I’m in control of my nutrition again (though it’s only been one day–ha!)

How did I feel while “refreshing”?
I felt pretty good overall! I had a bad headache on Day 1 and a slight one on Day 3. Optimally, you should cut out coffee and black tea. I tried on the first day to go cold turkey with no coffee but I ended up drinking about 1/2 a cup on Day 2 and Day 3. You still can have coffee but it has to be black–no cream or sugar. It’s pretty normal to have a headache when your body is detoxing but I think mine was a combination of detoxing, caffeine withdrawal, and my monthly cycle.

As for energy, I didn’t feel overly tired or lack energy during the Refresh. I didn’t exercise during those three days so that probably made a difference. I slept like a baby all three nights!

I experienced some hunger in the mornings. I’m used to drinking Shakeology for breakfast but I’m also used to a morning snack and that wasn’t a part of the Refresh. I was never “starving” but I was hungry in the mornings. The Fiber Sweep would keep me full for a couple of hours, but the afternoons were much better because the Vanilla Fresh kept me fuller longer. Drinking water would usually stave off hunger pangs for a bit.

image (2)

Lunch for me was typically some sort of veggie with hummus (healthy fat) and a serving of fruit. My afternoon snack was veggies and more hummus. Avacodo and almond butter were also healthy fat options.


Can you exercise while doing the 3 Day Refresh?
Mild to moderate exercise is allowed while you’re doing this cleanse but I chose not to exercise at all. You’re only consuming around 900 calories/day and I didn’t think my net calories should be lower than that. Plus, I never complain about rest days. 🙂

What about water?
It is suggested that you drink a gallon of water for each of the three days to maximize results. I drank 78oz the first day, 102oz the next, and 100oz on the last day. Thank goodness I was always near a bathroom because that is a LOT of water.

Would I do another 3 Day Refresh?
Yeah, I would if I had a valid reason–like to get back on track with healthy eating after the holidays. I really do like the way it made me feel energized and refreshed.

Want more info?
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