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What I Ate Wednesday

PicCollageI like doing these What I Ate Wednesday posts because they  help me see my nutritional gaps and my ummmm, shall we say “surplus”?

Here’s my food recap from yesterday:
I started out with Shakeology for breakfast. It’s my go-to breakfast because it’s quick, filling, and packed with dense nutrition.

Mid-morning I snacked on a bowl of strawberries.

For lunch I made chicken salad with some rotisserie chicken, celery, lemon juice and a bit of mayo and wrapped it in lettuce leaves.

Mid afternoon, I came home from running errands and had some sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes with rice vinegar poured over them. Oh, I also peeled and ate a giant carrot before I remembered to take a picture. Oops.

For dinner, we grilled a small tri-tip steak and sliced it up for steak tacos. I was HANGRY by that point and ate not one but two flour tortillas as I was cooking them (we like to buy the uncooked flour tortillas–they are so good–but not necessarily healthy). SO yeah, I forgot to take a picture of those too. I really don’t like how I feel when I eat gluten but man, those tortillas seemed worth it in the moment. I ate my steak over rice and sprinkled a tiny bit of cheddar cheese on top. I was in a bad mood because I didn’t have all the ingredients to make a batch of homemade salsa and I didn’t realize it until dinner was almost ready. Argh!

After dinner I ran a couple of errands and in a moment of weakness grabbed a box of hot tamales–my favorite candy. I didn’t eat the whole box but I ate at least half of it. Let’s just call it dessert. 🙂

So there you have it–What I Ate Wednesday.

See? I’m not perfect with my nutrition all the time. But that’s what I think is cool about this photo-documentation of what I eat. It shows me my gaps…and like I said above, it also shows me my surplus. I personally try to follow the 80/20 nutrition rule: strive to eat clean 80 percent of the time and don’t sweat the other 20 percent.

Happy Hump Day!

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