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What I Ate Wednesday 9.3.14

What I Ate Wednesday! Is is weird that these are my favorite blog posts? I’ll keep this one short and simple.

What I Ate WednesdayBreakfast: tropical strawberry Shakeology made with unsweetened coconut milk, pineapple, and ice.

Mid-morning snack: sliced cucumbers and yellow cherry tomatoes with rice vinegar. Yum!

Lunch: 1 red container (from 21 Day Fix) of chicken salad–rotisserie chicken, sliced celery, lemon juice, salt and pepper and a teensy bit of mayonnaise.

After lunch snack (like 30 minutes after lunch!): 2 hard-boiled eggs dipped in sriracha sauce

Afternoon snack: pumpkin energy bites. I subbed maple syrup for honey and craisins for white chocolate chips and just used more oats instead of adding wheat germ. They were tasty. My picture shows two but I ate about eight, I think. They were so good I couldn’t stop myself.

Dinner: My family had Beef and Black Bean Tostadas but I ate mine over a bed of lettuce. I try to stick to the 21 Day Fix eating plan (see chalkboard pic) because it helps me to visually track my nutrition and make sure my diet is well-rounded. I knew I’d maxed my grains (yellow containers) with those pumpkin bites AND I was short on veggies so I just shredded up some lettuce and added my tostada toppings to it. And there you have it…another What I Ate Wednesday is in the books!


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  1. adrienne October 1, 2014 at 7:18 PM #

    Ok, I’m really going to have to try to dip my eggs in sriracha sauce!! I love hot and spicy but never had it on a hard boiled egg! And rice vinegar on veggies. Sounds great!

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